A Conversation Hell with ZUN (Touhou)

Over at www.onemillionpower.com they have translated a Famitsu article on ZUN, the creator of the Touhou Project!

It is a really kick ass interview. There are a few Famitsu people and ZUN (real name: Jun’ya Ōta (太田 順也)) drinking beers and it has become a super long interview! Kudos to BClarkOMP from onemillionpower.com to do the translation!

These are the many topics that are extensively talked about:

    What Are the Origins of the Bullet Hell Shooter?
    The Allure of Bullet Hell Shooters
    Do You Re-Spawn Right Where You Died, Or Back At The Beginning Of The Stage?
    Shooters Were Supported By The Influence Of Salarymen!?
    Shooters and “Rapid-Fire” Culture
    Boss Characteristics Liven Games Up
    Bombs and Extra Lives Are Resources For Score
    The Next “Conversation Hell” Is Already In The Works…!?

Go and brew one and start reading the article at www.onemillionpower.com.

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