Hellfire  (Toaplan, 1989)

Hellfire (Toaplan, 1989)

Hellfire is a 1989 scrolling shooter video game developed by Toaplan and published by Taito.

Recently I received the Hellfire PCB, a very nice little shmup created by Toaplan. The board was quite clean overall. When booting up for the first time I noticed the 1P start button did not react at all, I could only use the 2nd player. After removing the JAMMA connector and cleaning the edge with pure alcohol and hooked it up again. This time the 1P start button worked and I gave the game a try.

Hellfire was Toaplan’s first horizontal shooter, created in 1989. I have to say it works out quite nice. What immediately stands out is the relative low amount of bullets, this is for sure not a CAVE bullet hell game. That does not mean the difficulty level is also lower. This is partly due to the ship’s big hitbox. Where CAVE and other shooters have the tradition to have a small hitbox in the center of your character, Hellfire has the whole ship!


The Verdict


The Good: Brainless shooting
Nice graphics

The Bad: No real action

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