Multi Cartridges, Media Replacers & Multi Region

As I have been maintaining a list of media replacers or multi cartridges, I thought of sharing it here.
The list contains the following:

  • Media replacers; to replace a GD-ROM or tape drive with something that simulates/emulates such drive,
  • Region selector/free; units that allow games to be played from a different region; such as a new BIOS,
  • Cartridges; units that slot into existing machines without the need to modify the host,
  • In development; units that are currently in development and will be available in the near future.

It spans micro computers (C64, MSX, etc), consoles (Playstation, Lynx, GBA, etc) and arcade units (CPS2, ST-V, MVS, etc)

Let me know if something new appeared, I have missed anything or made a mistake by adding a comment.

Machine Brand Multi device Description Cost Links
3DO Interactive Multiplayer 3DO USB Host Controller for FZ-10 Drive replacement, uses USB Media $145 link
3DO Interactive Multiplayer 3DO USB Host Controller for 3DO FZ-1 Drive replacement, uses USB Media $215-$275 link
2600 / 5200 / 7200 Atari Sio2sd SDcard solution with SIO kabel 71 euro link
2600 / 5200 / 7200 Atari Harmony Cartridge (Atari 2600) Cartridge/SDcard $60 link
2600 / 5200 / 7200 Atari Encore Cartridge (Atari 2600) Cartridge/SDcard $85 link
DECO Atari Darksoft’s DECO multi cartridge In development link
GX4000 / CPC464 Plus / 6128 Plus Amstrad C4CPC Cartridge/SDcard 70 euro forum link
2600 / 5200 / 7200 Atari Atari 5200 Ultimate SD Card Atarimax Cartridge/SDcard 110 euro link
Wonderswan (Color) Bandai Flashmasta Wonderswan Cartridge/SDcard In Development progress
CPS2 Capcom Darksoft CPS2 Multi Multigame PCB + SDcard $350 link
Colecovision Coleco Ultimate SD Atarimax Cartridge/SDcard 110 euro link
Amiga Comodore USB Floppy Emulator – Gotek Floppy drive replacement/USB 40 euro link
Laserdisc Pioneer / Philips Dexter Laserdisc replacement with SDcard $360 link
MSX Philips MegaFlashROM SCC+ Expansion cartridge which slots in the back with SDcard 99-150 euro link
TurboGrafx16 / PCE NEC Turbo Everdrive Cartridge/Micro SDcard. Includes reset button 85 euro link
TurboGrafx16 / PCE NEC PCE Pro 32M Flash Cart: Cartridge/SDCard. Includes cheat support $60 link
TurboGrafx16 / PCE NEC Neo Power PC-Engine Flash Cart Cartridge/SDCard $99-$150 link
Gameboy (Color) Nintendo Everdrive GB Cartridge/SDCard 90 euro link
Gameboy Advance Nintendo GBA Flash Advance Xtreme Bundle Flashmasta 2x Cartridge (128M) + Burner $60 link
Gameboy (Color) Nintendo GeNiUs GB Pocket Station Cartridge, 32Mb $20 link
Gameboy (Color) Nintendo NEO2 Pro 1024M Flash Cart + SL4 Cartridge, 1024Mb $89 link
Gameboy (Color) Nintendo XG2005 512M Cartridge, 512Mb $119 link
Gameboy (Color) Nintendo Drag N Derp Cartridge, 24Mb £80 link
Gameboy Advance Nintendo Everdrive GBA Cartridge/SDCard in development link
NES Nintendo Everdrive N8 Cartridge/SDCard 119 euro link
SNES Nintendo sd2snes Cartridge/SDcard. Also emulates lots of chipsets (music) 175 euro link
SNES Nintendo SNES Super Everdrive V2, no DSP Cartridge/SDcard 85 euro link
SNES Nintendo SNES Super Everdrive V2, with DSP Cartridge/SDcard 99 euro link
SNES Nintendo Super Flash Cart 64M Cartridge/64M Flash $60 link
SNES Nintendo Super UFO Pro 8 SD Cartridge/SDcard $78 link
SNES Nintendo NEO SNES/SFC Myth cart SPEC v2 Cartridge/SDcard $169 link
Famicom Nintendo FDSemu Famicom Disk System Drive emulator: FDS ram adapter. Compatible with FDS and Game Doctor images $35 link
Famicom Nintendo FDSStick Famicom Disk System (FDS) drive emulator: FDS ram adapter. $30 link
NDS Nintendo R6 Gold Cartridge/SDcard $69 link
NDS Nintendo MK5DX-16G Cartridge/16Gb Flash $59 link
3DS Nintendo Sky3DS+ Cartridge/SDcard 95 euro link
3DS Nintendo Gateway Cartridge/SDcard 68 euro link
3DS Nintendo N2 Elite Amiiqo NFC Toy Emulator $59 info, link
N64 Nintendo Everdrive64 v3 Ultra CIC Cartridge/SDcard 165 euro link
N64 Nintendo Everdrive64 v2.5 Ultra CIC Cartridge/SDcard 125 euro link
N64 Nintendo ED64 Plus Cartridge/SDcard $88 link
N64 Nintendo Neo 64 Myth Flashcart Cartridge/SDcard $140-$199 link
N64 Nintendo 64Drive Cartridge/SDcard $199 link
Wii Nintendo N2 Elite Amiiqo NFC Toy Emulator $59 info, link
ZX Spectrum Sinclair DivMMC SDcard solution 45GBP link
ZX Spectrum Sinclair Divide2k14 CF solution, includes joystick port 55 euro link
Dreamcast Sega GDEMU Drive replacement with SDcard 110 euro link
Dreamcast Sega USB GD-ROM Drive replacement $135 link
Game Gear Sega Everdrive GG Cartridge/SDcard 75 euro link
Game Gear Sega GG Pro 32M Cart Cartridge/32Mbit flash $60 link
Lindbergh Sega Darksoft’s update service SW upgrade ? link
Master System Sega Master Everdrive Cartridge/SDcard 90 euro link
Master System Sega SMS Pro 32M Cart Cartridge/SDcard $80 link
Mega Drive / Genesis Sega
Mega Drive / Genesis Sega
Mega Drive / Genesis Sega
Mega Drive / Genesis Sega
Naomi Sega
Saturn Sega
ST-V Sega
Triforce Sega
Neo Geo Pocket (Color) SNK
Neo Geo SNK
Playstation 1 Sony PS-IO Parallelport slot in with SDcard $150 link
Playstation 2 Sony
PSVita Sony
PSP Sony
F3 Taito