Sorcer Striker for PS4 coming soon!

Soccer Striker a.k.a. Mahou Daisakusen (“Magic Armageddon”) is a 1993 medieval-themed scrolling shooter developed by Raizing (now known as Eighting) for the arcades and later ported to Sharp X68000 and FM Towns computers and the EZweb mobile phones. It is the first game in the Mahou Daisakusen trilogy, which includes Kingdom Grandprix and Dimahoo.

Read the game story about the game here at and a great interview with their developers.

M2 ShotTriggers re-release will launch for PlayStation 4 in Japan beginning of November. So far it looks like a digital release only. Just like they did with Dangun Feveron

The PS4 trailer:

Official website:
Playstation store: Japanese PSN store
PDF manual for the PS4 game: here